15 Houses Mauk-Tanggerang

Thank you for supporting Kanmo Group’s CSR initiative Hope 4 Humanity in 2018. With your support we have been able to donate 15 houses to families in need in Mauk, Tangerang through our partners Habitat for Humanity Indonesia. Thanks to you, 15 families will now have a safe and stable place to live.

Mauk is a flat rural area with low population density and wetlands. The community’s income is heavily dependent on seasonal labor, crops in the rice fields, fishing industry, factories and small business of selling food. Many of them live below the national housing standards. Most of the houses are inadequate with poor quality that does not support healthy living condition. Houses were also found with roofs made of damaged clay tiles and degenerating bamboo walls, dirt floors and no toilet.

The lack of toilet facilities and access to clean an safe drinking water are common problems. People get water from the same canals and rivers where they usually do the bathe and laundry. This situation puts them at a higher risk of contracting diseases.


15 Houses 2018 Gallery


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